We run this town. Literally. Welcome to Work it Out's new run club entitled "WiRun." Pronounced - 'we run.'

This is a true run focused fitness program, that will kick off the week of May 4th. It is designed in a class style format for a full body workout that you will not want to miss. Part of the Work it OUTDOORS series, each run has a different goal that works together to make you leaner, faster and stronger. No matter what run you choose, it'll bring you closer to a personal goal, show you things you never thought you could do, and of course, bond with a stellar group of women.

Here's how it'll work:  We love classes, duh! So this will be no different. Use your class packages or memberships to participate. You'll meet at the River Studio on either Monday 6:30pm, Wednesday 6:45pm and/or Thursday 6:30pm and be taken through a dynamic warm-up incorporating plyometric style exercises to warm up your muscles and stretch you out for optimal run performance. The day you sign-up, will depend on the style of run you'll go out for. It may be a traditional distance run, speed training, or intervals. Each can be done consistently throughout the week for a true run program (a great option if you are training for an upcoming race), or you can chose one - two formats per week. Either way, they work together or independently to increase your fitness and run level. After each run, you'll come back to the studio for core work and a final stretch.

Now this is the important info! We encourage you to join even if running seems a bit ominous. We promise that no runner will be left behind. While the pace for each run will be somewhere between an 8-minute and 11-minute mile, the instructor will be there along the way, leading the pack for .5 miles then slowing down to find the last runner (miles 1 -3), and varying along the way. Also, don't worry about being lost! We'll map out the class ahead of time for you, so you know what turn is coming up and when! If you arrive back from the run ahead of time, you'll be put to work with a series of independent exercises to compliment your workout. And just in case you are wondering, WiRun in the rain too! Classes will be hosted, unless lightening and thunder are taking place.

Now let's meet your instructors!

Jamie Klein Soon after Jamie learned to walk, she discovered her love, passion and talent for running. Once her days of running track in middle school and high school came to an end, she began to run competitively in races ranging anywhere from a 5k to a marathon and has been a New York Road Runners member for 10-years. Jamie obtained a coaching certification concentrated on speedwork and has applied the "Fartlek training method" (periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower pacing) to reach her own personal goals. She remembers running a mile at a 10 minute pace and now she's nearly cut that time in half! She's placed in the top 3 women in several short distance races around the area. She also enjoys long distance running, including half and full marathons. Her all time favorite race to date has been the 2013 NYC marathon. Her class is focused on increasing speed, but not solely to run a faster mile. She wants her clients to be able to challenge themselves for short intervals in order to maintain longer runs at tempo. Whether you're looking to increase your mile pace, run your first 5k, or master a half marathon, her program each Thursday at 6:30pm will include the type of workout you need to reach your goal!

Julia Fouts Julia has always had a passion for the outdoors and sports, but running was never her favorite. Being a team-sport athletic, running felt too individualized and track was easily her least favorite growing up. Now, however, running is a major part of Julia's life. Having been a NYRR member for years and finishing 4 half-marathons (Half PR: 1:40) and many other races, running has become a must in her weekly agenda. Julia has a personal training and coaching background. Running and breathing techniques are a huge part of Julia's personal adventure and how she began to love the sport. She hopes to turn other doubters into avid runners like herself. Join her distance runs on Wednesday nights to go from a 2-3 mile runner to a 7 mile runner. Each week her distance increase taking you to new highs both physically and mentally.

Lisa Bruno Running came a few steps later in Lisa's athletic career (pun intended!). After being involved in competitive cheerleading for 12 years, including college at Rutgers University where they were nationally ranked, the commitment to fitness was instilled in her. One year after graduating college, tragedy struck her circle of close friends, and ultimately inspired Lisa to run. When a friend was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, Lisa joined Team in Training in his honor and to demonstrate support for his fight, while raising donations to cancer research. During her training for the 2008 New Jersey Marathon, through Team in Training, her friend ended up losing his fight with cancer. Lisa went on to place in the top third overall for female runners. This experience instilled a passion for running. No matter how you feel today, you can always take steps forward because there is someone out there that may not be able to anymore. Fast forward years later, multiple marathons, half marathons and shorter distance races, Lisa holds her degree in foods & nutrition and certification as a personal trainer. Her philosophy on running is that through unique courses and timed intervals, you can increase your overall fitness level, as well as your endurance for distance running.

All About the Weekly Runs WiRun Intervals - Mondays, 6:30pm

Running isn't just about putting one foot in front of the other! Interval training is just like Lisa -- short and intense! During a consistent 3 - 4-mile run you'll be challenged to vary your speed for a series of times, push up hills, and even pause for some jump squats to really challenge your muscles. Why join? Interval training will improve running form, endurance, mind-body coordination, and help with some good ol' fat-burning!

WiRun Distance - Wednesdays, 6:45pm

Wanna go the distance? This weekly run with Julia will take you on a distance challenge, tacking on an extra steps each week to culminate with a longer end of the month run. Starting with week 1, a 3.1-mile to get you acquainted with an entry level of distance, followed by week 2 and 3 at 4.4- and 5.7-miles respectively, ending with week 4 at an overall 7-mile distance. This weekly challenge will push you to train and reach a goal at the end of the month.

WiRun Fast - Thursdays, 6:30pm

Looking to get a little pop in your step? During this workout, you will start off with a 1-mile run at a nice steady pace, then have a section of drills and sprints specifically focused on speed training. The drills will be designed to build muscle, stamina and heart rate that will help you maintain a faster pace. The workout will finish with a 1 Mile Challenge Run, where you'll be encouraged to run at your maximum tempo, and Jamie will track each runners time so you can see an increase in cadence each week.

Continue to visit the blog for updates on what WiRuns is up to, you'll also find tips on form and more. Sign-up for WiRuns online they are part of our regular schedule. We look forward to running with you! Please note: All standard studio policies apply. In the event of inclement weather, all outdoor classes will move indoors, except WiRun, which will hold host its run in rain, unless thunder or lightening take place.