Check out our wonderful instructor, Heather's WiO Ride tips that will make you a WiO Ride master in no time.
1) First things first - if you've never taken a WiO Ride class, please arrive 5-10 minutes before class so that your instructor can properly set you up and thoroughly explain how the bike works and the different positions you'll expect in class, and how a spin class is structured. I promise this will make your first spin experience so good that you'll definitely want more! 
2) This is your class! Instructors are there to teach the ride class terrain & workout, and to motivate you the entire time; however you are in charge of your effort. Be true to your hill climbs, sprints and jumps! On your hills, each pedal should feel like a big challenge so make sure your resistance is turned up; during your sprints, you should be peddling so fast and hard that you crave a recovery; and during your jumps, keep that pedal working outside your comfort level. 
3) Keep breathing! Sometimes we get so caught up in the movements, whether it be a hill or sprint, and we forget to breath. Keep your shoulders relaxed, head and neck in a neutral position so that your airways remain open and air can move freely in and out. Trust me, it helps during those steep hills and long sprints! 
4) Focus focus focus! Work on only focusing on your ride workout and how your body is feeling the entire time. This your time to shut your brain off and enjoy YOU time.  If this is challenging for you, try closing your eyes during class. You want to embrace the mind and body connection a ride class has to offer!
5) Lastly, make sure your bike settings are comfortable for you. If you need assistance or advice, please ask your instructor. We are here to help you and make sure you have a comfortable ride. 
Put all of these tips together and you are all set for your next ride class!