ATTENTION WIO-ERS! Did you know you have been working out to the latest fitness trends for 2013 and the new year just started??

According to a recent WebMD survey and the New York Daily News the hottest fitness trends predicted for 2013 are already offered at Work it Out!

Using your own body weight as training will be popping up, but can already be found at WiO. Can anyone say Next Stop; Skinny?

Functional fitness, is another phrase we'll be hearing about, this will include workouts including balance and coordination...hello Core Disc-o class!

Core training, a style WiO clients have been participating in for the last 2-years, can found in TightEnd, CandyBarre and Hottie Pilates!

And last, but certainly not least, High Intensity Interval Training. Our Tighter in Twenty(13) is ALL about interval training at a high intensity!

Don't delay, get in with the trends at WiO and sign-up for a class today! Our instructors will be in the "WiO Fitness Lab" working on the next round of trends. Stay tuned!