Did you know WiO gives back?

This week at Work It Out was about giving back to the kids!  WiO Fitness Studio participated in Hudson Schools Mini course program by hosting eight 6th grade girls in a beginner gymnastics/dance course.   Wrapping up their last week of school these eight girls enjoyed this course lead by gymnastics program director and Junior Olympic level coach Amanda Soder.   Beginning at the Hudson school from 9-10:30am these girls we’re educated on the importance of healthy eating and the need for strength and flexibility to become a better athlete.  Testing their endurance with a cardio warm-up and continuing through a full stretch of all muscle groups each child was introduced to what it takes to be a gymnast. 

After warm-ups all were instructed through the very basics of gymnastics/dance from kicks, turns, and jumps to rolls, handstand and cartwheels.  From 10:30-12pm the girls were brought to WiO to utilizes the 900 sq ft spring floor to go beyond what they thought possible of themselves.  Introducing new skills like backbends, round offs and back handsprings each girl pushed themselves to try it all!  After completing all skill work students engaged in strength exercises necessary for just about any type of athlete.  Finishing the course off with some dance work each student was confident to say that they learned a great deal in just three hours.

“All the girls were great and such a pleasure to teach!  Even though each child came from different experience and skill levels they all did an amazing job.  Everyone got up the confidence to try something new or step out of their comfort zone.  All eight girls confidently told me something new they had learned upon the completion of the course, which is the most rewarding feeling in my book,” said instructor Amanda. 

 Overall WiO was happy to assist the Hudson School in their mini course program and give students the opportunity to learn not only about leading a healthy lifestyle but that fitness can be fun!