Have you ever wanted to know more about a class, felt lost in a Zumba routine, or wish you could do a station better in Next Stop; Skinny? This new monthly feature will bring your questions answered, advice from our seasoned instructors, and more.  

Kicking it off will be tips from our beloved Zumba and Groove Cycle instructor, Kelly Wadler on how to have the most stress free, fun and calorie burning workout during Zumba Love! Let us know what you think and any fitness or class questions you would like us to tackle!

 Kelly's Top Five Zumba Love Tips 

1) First and foremost, before walking into the WiO mat room, leave your day behind. Let Zumba Love be your 55 minute weekly escape and the second the music goes on, let it all go!

2) When is comes to technique it is essential to know the difference between the hips isolation and the ribcage isolation. Easiest way to practice this is in front of your mirror at home. When isolating the ribcage the hips should not move.  Understanding the difference will work your core to the Zumba Love max. 

3) To prevent injury ALWAYS land from a jump on a slightly bent knee, never a locked one.

4) If you are only getting the leg movements and not the arms then just do the legs. Focusing so hard on getting the moves exactly when you are lost will frustrate you and prevent you from enjoying the fun. 

5) The best way to get the most of your Zumba Love workout is to dance as hard as you would at home in front of your mirror, when nobody is watching! Try as hard as you can to get out of your head, forget about what everyone else in the room. It's all about expressing your own style and by the end of the class you will be leaving with an awesome sweat and a huge smile.