We are ecstatic to reveal our next WiO Bride, one we all know very well, our beloved... 

Stefanie Semaya Spitz

First and foremost tell us all about how you met your husband and how you knew he was the one? Seth and I met back when we were 13 years old at day camp.  We didn't really "know" each other, I knew who he was and thought he was really cute.  Moving forward we have/had a lot of mutual friends in common and we reconnected after college once he moved to Hoboken.  His best friend (my high school boyfriend) and himself were roommates.  I came up to Hoboken for a party and we instantly reconnected--the rest is history!

How did you go about picking out your food/ venue/ music choices? Picking the venue was a tough process.  We wanted something really unique and a place that reflected our personalities.  After looking at venue after venue, and trying to make the places work with our budget, we actually ended up at Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ.  It turned out that we have a friend that is the head maitre d there and really took care of us and made the night nothing short of spectacular!

What was the biggest fear you had before your Wedding day? I didn't really have any fears, a lot of stress, but not fears.  Is that weird?
How did you pick your dress?  I had been looking online for awhile, actually even before I got engaged (thank you Say Yes to the Dress).  I finally found one that I thought I would love and my mom helped me hunt out a store that carried the dress and the designer.  Low and behold I get there, try the dress of my dreams on, or so I thought, and hated it.  Thank goodness for Erica at Russel's Bridal (in Linden, NJ--yes that was a plug for all of you ladies looking) and she picked a lot of dresses that were similar and thought had more personality -- and dress number three was the big winner!  I never went looking for another dress.
What did it feel like to walk down the aisle? It is a very intimidating and emotional experience.  When you first walk in the room and see ALL of those people watching you, waiting to get a glimmer of the dress and they are ALL there for you, it is insane.  I took a few deep breaths, my parents and I walked down the aisle to meet Seth, and from there it was water works.  I couldn't believe it was actually happening, the day I dreamed about from the time I was a little girl...it finally became a reality.
 Looking back is there anything you would change? NOT ONE THING!
What was your favorite part of the wedding?  Can there only be just one?  If I had to pick it would be the first moment Seth saw me.  If it was anything that I was looking forward to from the time we got engaged to the moment we were married, the look on his face made it all worth it.
What is your best piece of advice you can give your fellow WiO Brides? DO NOT STRESS!  If there's anything I can tell you, it's that trying to please other people is only going to upset you.  You are the bride, remember that.  It is your day, you and your husband are the only two people that matter.  Make yourself happy because you don't want to look
back on the day and regret the outcome.
If you could describe your wedding in one word, what would it be? Breathtaking.

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