WiO Bride is BACK, and it is an honor to feature dedicated WiO, the beautiful...

Megan Dallas Santos

1) How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one? 

We met at Penn State during our freshman year when we shared a bunch of classes. I thought he was really cute and being a little shy and was trying to figure out how to approach him. I decided I would ask him to work in my group for a team project.

On the day we were supposed to pick our teams, he wasn’t there and I started to get nervous. He finally walked in a few minutes late and coincidentally (or fate?!) sat right behind me. I immediately turned around and asked him if he wanted to work together. He said yes and it was then we hit it off. I knew he was the one because although we weren’t dating through the entirety of our college years, I just had a good feeling that everything would work out in the end and it did!

2) Tell us about your wedding. Our wedding took place on April 21st, 2012 at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, NJ. We spent a lot of time custom-creating many elements for the wedding – invitations, menu cards, place cards, ceremony programs, and the guest book. I wanted our own unique touches so that it represented us and our relationship. Although it was a lot of work and many late nights, seeing everything come together on that day felt great. I have so many favorite memories from our wedding but the one that makes me happiest was the ear to ear smile seemingly glued to my husband’s face the entire day. 

3) How did to go about picking your dress?  

I went dress shopping with my sister and my mom a year to the day of our wedding. I had ripped out pictures of every strapless, fitted, white satin gown I could find in the bridal magazines and brought them to the salon expecting to walk out with that type of gown. Little did I know that 8 dresses in, I would fall in love with a deep-V cut, ivory lace gown that I did not want to take off the moment I put it on. Having an open mind to try anything was the best decision I made!

4) How did you get yourself feeling your best for your big day? 

By joining WiO! Seriously! I knew I wanted to look toned and feel fit for my big day but had always struggled with finding motivation to work out on an elliptical or treadmill.  The variety of classes at WiO kept me motivated and constantly challenged. I wanted to keep coming back to prove to myself that I could push myself further and get stronger. Some of my favorite classes are: Ride Mixer, Next Stop; Skinny, Upper Class, and Show Off.

5)How is married life now and what advice can your give new WiO Brides? 

Married life is great! We have more free time and are also less stressed (due to a lack of having to print, cut, and glue paper…) 

Advice I would give to WiO Brides is: 1) If you find something you love, go with it. There are a million different options for every last detail and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. 2) It’s okay to have a small meltdown…you “cannot be the craziest bride out there.”- Memorable direct quote from myself. 3) Spend a few minutes throughout your wedding day taking everything in. It goes by in a blur!

Congratulations Mrs. Santos! The WiO Family could not be happier for you!

 If you are a new WiO Bride and have a story you would like to share with your fellow WiO’ers, please email us at kwadler@workitoutgym.com