We are proud to present our next WiO Bride, the incredibly dedicated and kind...

Jamie Libeskind Klein

First and foremost tell us all about how you met your husband and how you knew he was the one? On August 9, 2006, Jason and I agreed to a blind date set-up on the rooftop of the Dubliner in Hoboken. We met for happy hour and stayed on that roof talking and laughing until close. I knew he was the one because aside from all of his capturing qualities, our chemistry was unmistakable. There were no games, no disputes, no ambiguity.  Four wonderful years later, Jason proposed on the sidewalk outside of the Dubliner, while our family and closest friends were inside, watching and videotaping our proposal through the bar’s tinted windows.

What best quality does he bring out in you? Years before I ever knew Jason, he lost his father and out of shock and depression, ate his way to 320 pounds. When I met him, he was optimistic, carefree, confident, all smiles(and 175 pounds). I would have never guessed in a million years that he had experienced tragedy. This is because instead of continuing down a dark path and feeling sorry for himself, he found the courage to make a change. Jason has taught me to prioritize the important things in life – love, family, friends and health and to not get caught up or stress over inconsequential details. He encourages me to appreciate all the good and never dwell on the bad.

Tell us about your wedding! Jason and I were married on October 29, 2011, also known as the first October snowstorm of the century. Despite the weather, nothing could stand in our way of the most special day of our lives. We had a big, black-tie wedding in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia.

 How did you pick your dress? I went dress shopping at Kleinfeld’s in NYC with my mom, Jason’s mom, sister-in-law and maid of honor. I knew my future mother-in-law would be the hardest to please, given that at the conclusion of my allotted hour appointment, she insisted I continue to try on the entire stock room of thousands of dresses so that we could make the best, most informative decision. Randy from “Say Yes to the Dress” responded: “And should she continue trying out more and more fiancés while she’s at it?” When I tried-on “the winner,” the choice was obvious and everyone agreed to make the purchase……but in tax-free Jersey later that week!

 How did you prepare your body to feel your absolute best on your big day? I've always been into running and cycling, but I was never a big lifter. Before the wedding, I started signing up for different classes like Sweata Weatha, Next Stop Skinny, Zumba and Ride Mixer in order to add some variety and weight training to my mundane cardio routine. Since then, I’ve learned that switching things up really is the best way to stay fit!

What are three pieces of advice you can give your fellow WiO Brides? 1) Pause throughout the day with your husband to take mental pictures (stolen from “The Office”) 2) There are things you can’t control (the snowstorm) - don’t lose focus on what the day is really about! 3) Enjoy all of the celebrations leading up to the big day – eat, drink and be merry at your engagement party, shower, bachelorette and rehearsal dinner! These joyous occasions only happen once!

Lastly, how can you describe your wedding day? Thank goodness there are pictures and a video because I was on cloud 9 for the entire day. The feeling of being surrounded by all the people that you love most in this world to celebrate something so sacred and meaningful is truly heart-warming. I felt, and still feel, very fortunate.

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