We could not be more pleased to feature our next WiO Bride, the wonderful...

Elizabeth Long Staple 

Tell us about your new hubby and how you knew he was the one. We have a very rare football love story. :) After college I spent a year working in the New York Giants' PR department. Arthur, who is a sportswriter, was assigned to their beat, and we became friends. The next season I worked for the New England Patriots... who faced the Giants in the Super Bowl. Art and I reconnected at the big game, started talking and never stopped. I know he's the one because I still, six years after we met, get butterflies when I know I'm going to see him. It's lame, but true. Butterflies are always a good sign.  

How did you design your wedding? Was it what you always wanted? We wanted a wedding that was vintage and elegant, but still very personal. We used the ring bearer pillow that was featured in my grandparent's wedding and a chuppah handmade by my sister. Our escort card table was filled with pictures of our parents' and grandparents' weddings.  The music was a big focus for us. Our bridal party entered to Never My Love by the Association, and I walked to the same song my mother used at her wedding, Morning Has Broken. After our kiss, the Beach Boys played us out with Don't Worry Baby.  We ended the night with a packed dance floor swaying to Crimson and Clover (a great song and a strategic move -- it's a long song, so it makes the last one count!) 

How did you get your body feeling its best for your big day? This was a very big element of wedding prep for me. I've struggled with an auto-immune disease since I was a child and have always been either sick or very sick. Now, though, I'm doing really, really well and can eat properly and work out for the first time in my life. It was very important to me that my family get to see me looking happy, healthy and fit. WiO was a huge part of that. It's such a supportive community that I was able to go from not even being able to walk long distances to 6-7 classes a week before my big day game. I'm so grateful to everyone there for helping me make my grand debut as a healthy, normal bride.  

Tell us about your dress! It really was the first one I tried on! I knew I wanted a lace dress with some kind of strap or sleeve that was fitted, but not restrictive. I researched like crazy, went straight for my favorite one, and fell in love with it. My sister hand-made my veil. She's opening a bridal salon next month and she definitely knows what she's doing! 

The wedding process is a nerve-wracking one, what did you do to ground yourself and calm any wedding jitters? Zumba Love! I took my Bar exam a month before the wedding, so I don't think I exhaled once all summer. Jumping around in the studio *really* helped me stay calm. I read somewhere (probably Pinterest -- very deep) that a wedding is a ceremony, not a performance, so as long as you end the day married nothing has gone wrong. I focused on that macro view and it really helped to avoid stressing about little things that ultimately wouldn't matter.  

Where did you honeymoon and how was your trip? We started in Istanbul, drove around the Turkish coast, spent some time in the Greek Islands and then finished in Athens. It was a perfect mix of city and rural, rustic and resort.  I highly recommend it! 

One word to describe what it felt like to walk down the aisle? Right. Flanked by my parents, surrounded by all of my friends and family and watching Arthur smiling at me from the alter -- it just felt exactly right. 

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