Here comes the bride all dressed in white... The WiO Bride feature is dedicated to the beautiful brides of WiO. Here you will find out what they did in preparation for their big day! Our first feature is dedicated to our very own barre & yoga instructor... 

Courtney Scarff Bevilacqua

First and foremost tell us all about how you met your husband and how you knew he was the one? Patrick and I were set up by a mutual friend who was trying to get us to meet for over a year!  I was always a bit reluctant to go on blind dates but finally when I turned 30 I was like lets do it! They say your life starts at 30 and oddly enough my mom got me a Lotus Flower ring for my 30th, symbolizing re-birth and life. Soon after, I met Patrick! I knew he was the one from his smile, warmth and sincereness. Plus, he was really engaging.

What best quality does he bring out in you? He is such a motivated and passionate person.  Even though we have completely different careers, he inspires me to be to be as motivated and passionate as I can possibly be.

Tell us about your wedding! Well, we were engaged for nine months and we got married on February 18th in Manasquan, NJ. As for wedding planning, it was pretty stress-free.  Patrick and I are quick decision makers.  The one challenge we did find was Patrick's parents were very particular so we had to find balance between making ourselves happy and them happy ;) 

How did you pick your dress?  I saw it in a magazine. At first I didn’t think I would like it but the second I tried it on I knew it was the one!  It was a total statement and very fashion forward.  My mom was there with me and even though she teared up with each dress I put on, this one really set off the water-works. It was the one! 

How did you prepare your body to feel your absolute best on your big day? Well, teaching classes at WiO definitely helped keep my body in shape.  However, I focused mostly on keeping my body and mind in balance through yoga.  Yoga was a way for me to breathe, relax and de-stress from any wedding drama.  I really recommend it for any bride.  Meditation and giving yourself a chance to breath gives you clearer insight through the process. Although, it is all about finding your niche. Sometimes, if my brain wouldn't stop I would take a WiO Ride class to get my aggression out!   

What are three pieces of advice you can give your fellow WiO Brides? 1) Get plenty of sleep. 2) Don’t obsess over the scale… look in the mirror if the clothes fit well, who cares what the number says! 3) Enjoy everything in moderation! If you are craving a cookie, have it. Sometimes those little treats will calm you down.

Lastly, how can you describe your wedding day? I was in total bliss.  Two to three days before the wedding when our family was in town it really hit me how incredible it felt to have all these people I love come to celebrate with us!!! It was the best day!

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