Part I:  The Beginning

As most creations begin with a seed, so did Work it Out Fitness Studio. This seed being the love of newly engaged owner Noel Descalzi and her fiancé Nick Fiorentinos. In this next WiO blog series we will be breaking down the history of what we have all come to know and love as the best boutique gym in Hoboken; WiO Fitness Studio.

Ever since Noel was a little girl, she had notebooks filled with business plans, sketches and ideas.  If there was one thing she was sure of in her life, it was that she was going to create her own business.  Growing up in the competitive world of gymnastics, Noel always had a passion for fitness and it was this passion that led to the idea of Work it Out Studio. Coming from a family of small business entrepreneurs, paired with her degree in marketing and advertising, Noel had the tools, knowledge and education to dream however, it wasn’t until she met her match that the dream became a reality.

Noel met Nick while covering a friend’s table at a waitressing job she had during college. From their first week of dating, she knew he was the one. They shared similar lessons, morals and ethics which created an immediate bond. Both being from entrepreneurial families, the pair had mutual hunger to create and become successful. And though they both can be described as stylish or glamourous, they admit to be very in-touch with their inner "dork." Although they agree on this, the saying “opposites attract” could not ring more true. Nick is a passive, funny, lighthearted soul with a smile that could get away with anything.  Noel is a natural born go-getter, aggressive, ambitious and ready to tackle any challenge. She is filled with an unbreakable passion for her own creativity and ideas. When Noel approached Nick with her vision of Work it Out Boutique, it was that unbreakable passion that Nick was in love with that led him into believing in her dream as well. Being at a point of the relationship where they were very serious, the decision to make a further commitment to each other was desired. Nick knew that Noel needed to get her life started before they could start their life together.. .so they choose to take a risk.  This risk is how WiO was born.

When Noel saw 603 Willow vacant, she knew that is where Work it Out would be.  Not only was it located in an ideal central location but she practically grew up there as her friend from high school lived right across the street! Noel and Nick built Work it Out from the ground up.  Noel is a visionary and designed every last detail of the studio. From the color scheme, to the makeup of each room her talent showed. Nick took her ideas, turned them into blueprints and figured out how he could build them. Noel and Nick, as well as a small team of workers, were there everyday building Work it Out into the unique, welcoming, and positive place that they had envisioned.

Work it Out Fitness Boutique opened on November 10, 2010 and besides being the beloved fitness haven it is today, it has become the glue of Noel and Nick’s relationship.  After almost two years of risk taking, trial and error and a ton of heart and soul, Noel and Nick’s dream has not only become a reality, it has become popular.  A popular studio filled with a future of endless possibilities. And just as Work it Out continues to grow so does the love that started it.  Nick proposed to Noel on May 11, 2012. And they are set to be married next August, in Greece.  When you see Noel in the studio be sure to give her a big congratulations!  We could not be more excited for you, Noel!

Keep your eye out for the next part of our WiO: A Business Built From Love series, as we continue down the road of the future of Noel, Nick & Work it Out.